Madelyn Monroe Dungeon Doll

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Back in Bruno's dungeon, Madelyn Monroe's transformation into a submissive teenage sex slave has commenced. Bruno rescued Madelyn from a fate worse than death in the remote Florida wilderness after she got lost trying to find a party where she could drink and suck lotsa dick. Well, that's what Bruno said she was going to do out there, and Bruno is always right. Madelyn's slave training and introduction to the world of BDSM and extreme teen sex is swift and harsh. Rope bondage is just the beginning. tied and spread open like a Christmas goose, Madelyn's clit is fingerblasted by Bruno until she cums. She then gives Bruno a nasty deepthroat blowjob while he heaps on some extra humiliation while slapping her ass, face, head, tits and pussy. Madelyn's got a sexy bald pussy and it gets red and puffy fast. More rough sex in missionary and cowgirl positions has Bruno spanking Madelyn's ass until it glows like Rudolph's nose. Plenty more hardcore teen sex as she rides his dick until he conjures up a load he blasts into her slave slut mouth.